Buyers, farmers and carriers of grain

GrainCost chatbot in WhatsApp

Connect to a chatbot in a popular messenger and make grain deals with other users right there.

GrainCost chatbot in Viber

If you are used to using the messenger Viber, offer to buy, sell and transport grain directly in it.

GrainCost chatbot in Telegram

Telegram channel connoisseurs are advised to connect to this chatbot for grain trading.

GrainCost user roles

Participants of the service communicate with each other by making deals via messengers. The developers of our company have also provided a convenient web interface to work on your computer.


Traders publish bids for buying and selling grain. Find suitable bids and offer deals to other participants of the service. Carry out deals on transportation of grain by transport.

For Traders

Buyers purchase grain from farmers and other sellers who have published suitable bids. They publish their offers to buy grain for export or domestic consumption.

For Buyers

Agrarians and grain producers publish bids for the sale of their products. With reference to warehouses – to automatically calculate the price of transportation.

For Farmers

Only accredited carriers with vehicles suitable for the grain take part in the bidding for the transportation of grain by rail, road and water transport.

For Carriers

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