Peas - purchase, sale and transportation

Peas Exchange

If your business involves buying or selling pulses, GrainCost will make it easy to find counterparties.

Use the smart chatbot to negotiate a price and close deals that fit your bidding.


the right quality peas at the best prices directly from farmers.


peas to buyers and processors of legumes for maximum profit.

Peas trades on the GrainCost exchange

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As well as prices for paid services for sellers and buyers of peas.

How to trade peas

Add your organization and specify addresses of your peas reception and shipment points. Connect a chatbot so you don't miss offers from other market participants – traders, sellers or transporters.
at the grain exchange
Post your bids for peas with the year of harvest and other required parameters. Expect feedback from those who are interested in your bidding. Look through suitable trades of other exchange participants and offer them your terms.
Create bids
for peas
Respond to offers from other exchange members by bidding with them in messengers about the terms of the deal. Confirm suitable deals and automatically create bids for peas transporters to find transport.
and make deals

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