GrainCost for grain producers


If you grow grains, the GrainCost exchange will bring proven buyers to you.

Our technology allows us to find suitable open purchases faster and save on grain delivery.


wheat, barley and other crops at the best prices and at the right time.


the grain you sell to the buyer's address with your own or hired vehicles.

Grain exchange GrainCost for farmers

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Agrarian tools

Haggle with grain buyers and transporters via web interface and chatbots. Haggle not only on price and volume, but also on other terms - prepayment, payment terms, VAT...
on different parameters
Automatically get approximate estimates of the cost of transporting grain - based on market indicators, taking into account the distance and the recent cost of transportation on this route.
Transportation calculation
indicative price
Observe the bidding of your colleagues in the company. Refer back to the history of past bids to recall the details. Pass on your bidding to others, without fear of forgetting to tell them what is important.
Unified environment
for all agricultural managers

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