About Us


We provide full access to the exchange and trading after verification of your documents.


We integrate the exchange via API with your corporate applications and services.

24/7 Support

Support users by email and phone for continuity of your business and problem solving.

Facts about us

Professionally engaged in communications and logistics automation. We investigate the application of new technologies in traditional industries. We create IT solutions for customers all over the world.

  • We have been working since 2010
  • Completed over 500 projects
  • Launched over 10 SaaS products
About the developers of the GrainCost exchange

Team of Specialists

We invite you to join us! Our team consists of more than 20 professionals. Among them are experienced analysts, developers and engineers with a high level of competence.

Sales via messengers

Grain trading via messengers: discover the future of the agro-market!
Connect to chatbots in WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.

Our tools

We base our work on proven lean methodologies, CJM, JTBD. We use HADI cycles for testing different development hypotheses and Agile approach in programming.
Silicon Valley
We create IT components based on cloud architecture, microservices and web sockets. Using high-performance tools for backend and frontend (Node.js and React.js).
for accelerated development
We accumulate information in a PostgreSQL database and then process it through TensorFlow. In order to train neural networks for a more efficient construction of logistical chains.
Artificial intelligence
helps you make decisions

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