Online Grain Exchange

GrainCost is an independent grain trading exchange through a website and chatbots in popular messengers.

Bidders publish their trades and respond to others' trades by offering to make a deal.


suitable offers from verified users for buying, selling and transporting crops.


with traders, farmers and grain transporters for the best terms in the agri-market.

Grain exchange for trading via messengers

Top-selling crops

Now several types of products are traded on the GrainCost exchange. Users offer each other deals via messengers.


Sale of wheat produced in any region of the world. Selection of hard and soft wheat according to the parameters (3-5 grade, white grain, forage) with the desired gluten.

Wheat prices

Spring and winter barley with characteristics specified by sellers and buyers. Including admixture of other cereal crops, weed admixture, and sprouted grains.

Barley prices

Products are traded on our grain exchange, taking into account the parameters of moisture, the percentage of drying damage and broken grains, with a maximum allowable content of ragweed.

Corn prices

In addition to the year of harvest, bidding on legumes indicates their moisture, the presence of germinated and corroded grains, the percentage of broken and other colored grains.

Peas prices

Facts and Figures

The Grain Exchange is a new project of our company. In it we implemented our 12 years of experience in the development of IT solutions in communications.



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